Building Hope

The immense labor, sweat, and time it has taken in building Buckaroos Slices and Scoops has been exhausting. For so long we had to spend great reserves of energy to make small, but important progress. A million details that all needed to be addressed demanded our attention, pulling any sane brain apart. In the chaotic hustle and bustle I had forgotten what we are really building. We Are Building Hope!


Everyone needs hope

Witnessing the joy, excitement, and unbelief of individuals with impairments in finding out that Buckaroos not only accepts them as employees, but is actively seeking them out to employ.

They Sense;

At Buckaroos their work has purpose.

At Buckaroos their potential can be realized and unleashed.

At Buckaroos their talents and gifts will be affirmed.

At Buckaroos their burdens will not be hidden but accommodated.

At Buckaroos their shame will be dispelled.

At Buckaroos there is Hope of work with meaning.


Struggles prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destinies!

In building Buckaroos, I have forgotten my own feelings of despair at the prospect of never finding a job that could and would work with me, the feelings of agony and dejection as I faced a future without purpose, and the torment of knowing my potential could never be realized in a normal work place. I also felt the deep shame of having disabilities and the fear of being defined by them. Buckaroos gives me Purpose. Buckaroos unlocks and maximizes my Potential. Buckaroos dispels my Shame. Buckaroos gives me Hope that my work has meaning. I have had the hope of Buckaroos for a year now, and had forgotten how powerful that was and is. Observing the glee and relief of others who are now realizing the promise that Buckaroos offers, has reminded me how special and unique it really is. I am so excited to live into the mission and ministry of Buckaroos Slices and Scoops.